TEST YONEX Racket VCore 95 Tango Red (310Gr)


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Snowshoe test program.

Just for being a client of Centro de Deporte .Com you have the possibility to test up to 2 test rackets at the same time and test them during a period of 7 calendar days. To enjoy this service for free you just have to make a shopping cart over 100 euros (or what is the same 2 test rackets), both for sending and receiving, we will only charge you a deposit You will be reimbursed once you have returned the rackets in the same condition as when you received them. The deposit is € 50 for a test racket and € 100 for two test rackets. It's that simple

Delivery time to test them.

If we have the test racket in stock, they will be sent the same day it is made and pay for the order, if it is done before 3:00 p.m. Otherwise, they will be sent the next day, without counting the weekends. You can enjoy the test rackets for a whole week. For example: if you receive the rackets on a Monday, you must send them back the following Monday; If you receive them on a Tuesday, you must return them on the following Tuesday, etc.

How do I place an order for a test racquet?

1.- Choose the racket you want to try from the test rackets section. If the test racket you want is not available (another customer is testing it), you can send us an email and we will inform you of the estimated date of receipt of units. We will send the racket as soon as we receive it.

2.- Click on "BUY" to put it in your shopping cart. Then you will see the items in your basket along with the other products you have purchased. You can browse through our website and add another test racket before finalizing your order.

Return of the test rackets to Centro de Deporte .Com

  • Access your account and once inside go to the section "Purchase history".
  • Once inside, access the order from which you want to return a product by clicking on "details" to the right of the orders.
  • In the list of products that make up the order check the box on the left of the products you want to return and write the reasons why you want to make the return and why you want to change product and click on "request a refund"

Delay in the return, damage, loss or theft of the test rackets.

In order to offer this high quality and reliable service to our customers, we need a € 50 bail if you want to try a test racket or € 100 if you wish to receive two test rackets. We will refund this deposit as soon as we receive the rackets without any damage and in due time. However, if you return the rackets with more than 7 days of delay, we reserve the right to collect the total amount of the deposit or a part thereof, also being applicable if the racket has suffered any damage as would be the case in renting a car, for example.

If you forget to return the test rackets, lose them or steal them, Centro de Deporte .Com will keep the deposit and will invoice you the price difference between the market value of the racket, based on the conditions of the same in the moment in which we send it to you, and the bail. The market value is based on the resale value of the racket and will never exceed the retail price of the same or a similar new racket.

VCore 95 Tango Red (310Gr)
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