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Tennis Balls WILSON Sting Gold Label Box (72 Balls)


The WILSON Tennis Sting Gold Label balls are some of the best tennis balls in value for money. Ideal for all types of surfaces.


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The WILSON Padel Rush 100 balls are one of the best paddle balls in relation to value for money. Ideal for all types of surfaces.


These balls have been manufactured to guarantee the best performance on the court, they are quality balls at an extraordinary price, they are ideal for all surfaces.

Specific balls for the practice of padel with a great rebound, durable and with hard hair, so it has great durability and a lot of resistance to humidity. The pressure is very stable. This ball is also stronger than a standard ball, thanks to the Tour Core technology that is around the rubber of the ball.

Valid for all surfaces and for both training and competition.

In cans of 3 balls or crates of 72 balls.





WILSON Sting Gold Label
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