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Book Carolina Marín - I can Because I believe I can

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"I can because i believe i can» is the title of my book and the motto of my life. "Carolina Marín"


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"I can because i believe i can» is the title of my book and the motto of my life. "Carolina Marín"

I strive and work to be better every day.

I have always believed that the best method to achieve goals is to believe in myself through work and sacrifice, that is why my motto is «I can because i believe i can».

As a junior I got several medals in Europeans and World Cups and even won several international tournaments in front of professional players. Already in the senior category, I continued to grow until I got the 26 medals of my record, among which the gold medal of the Olympic Games in Rio 2016, the three World Cups (Copenhagen 2014, Jakarta 2015 and Nanjing 2018) and the four European (Kazan) stand out. 2014, La Roche-sur-Yon 2016, Kolding 2017 and Huelva 2018).

In January 2019, I experienced one of the most difficult moments of my career, breaking the cruciate ligament in my right knee. Thanks to the work that I have done together with my entire team for more than 7 months, I returned to the slopes without any problem. But very soon new difficulties came to challenge me ... I still don't give up.

«Life are stages and I was in one of them. In the plenitude, perhaps. We might think it would be one more day. One day of so many. Or maybe I could be about to face an extraordinary one: I was going to play a final. One of those days in the life of an athlete for which we prepare thoroughly. I was in Jakarta, far away, in Indonesia, a country that I adore, where I have had great experiences, and where I feel so warm and welcome whenever I go. For me it is one of those places where despite being far away you feel at home. I place you: it was January 27, 2019. Everything to start. Sometimes we go through such good times that we get into a routine and take everything for granted, thinking that the good belongs to us, is part of our property and that there is something, without knowing what it is, that irremediably takes us away from misfortunes . And it is not like that. Suddenly, there is a day, an hour, a place, where life puts your feet on the ground again ».

I can because i believe i can» is the title of my book and the motto of my life.





Libro Carolina Marin
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