Ball Rescuer High pressure Ball Pressurizer


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The Ball Rescuer ball pressurizer consists of two threaded bodies made of plastic, a cap and a flange or clamp.

The cover is characterized in that it has two valves, one main for air filling and the other secondary for coupling a pressure gauge. The lid also has a drain button so you can easily open the can before using the balls. In addition to this, the lid has a special O-ring inside that allows pressurizing almost any ball container on the market.

The flange is the part that embraces the container and that once placed around it allows it to be threaded to the lid and pressurize it.

Small size - light weight - easy opening:

- Fits various brands of 3- or 4-ball containers. See compatibility guide below.

- It is capable of storing 3 or 4 balls at a pressure of up to 35 psi, extending its useful life up to 10 times.

- Recover depressurized balls (it is noted that the process can take 2 or 3 weeks)

- Playing two games a week, the investment pays for itself in three months.

- In five years it avoids the manufacture and subsequent disposal of 1,200 balls and 300 containers.

- Save raw materials and reduce emissions.

- Made of light and resistant material.

- Easy to use.

- Contains detailed pressurization instructions.

- Patented, manufactured and assembled in Spain.

Ball Rescuer

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